Friday, 19 April 2013

Metoject - My First Go

So in a previous post I mentioned that there had been another mix up with my notes and therefore a hold up with an appointment to start injecting Methotrexate. Thankfully the nurse managed to get me an appointment a few weeks later, for Friday 19th April at 9am.

Today was the day and I was understandably nervous this morning. I am not afraid of injections or needles, especially since I have to have blood tests every month, but injecting yourself is a different matter.

I had a new nurse today, who was lovely and made me feel slightly more at ease. That was until I saw the needle and syringe! I actually expected to be using one of them pens that diabetes sufferers use to inject insulin, so when I saw a needle I panicked! 

The nurse went through explaining all the do's and don'ts, how to check the medication is okay, how to store it etc.. basically everything I needed to know. Then it was time for me to hold the syringe and get used to it. It felt very strange holding it, you see it on the TV all the time and watch nurses hold them in front of you, but when you hold it yourself, it feels like its something you shouldn't be allowed to do!

Once I was comfortable, I cleaned my hands with the sanitiser foam and got started. The first challenge was to get the cover off the needle, which is actually very difficult! You cant squeeze too hard or else some of the medicine will escape, but you have to squeeze hard enough to get it off. 

Then it was time to bite the bullet and inject. I must admit, I did pause for a second in slight panic, but quite quickly told myself to stop being a baby and just go for it. It's one of those things that the longer you wait, the worse it gets. And to be completely honest, it barely hurt at all. I felt it going in, but getting my bloods taken hurt way more than this!

It was so simple! No bleeding, no cotton wool over the wound, nothing! Its been about 3 hours now since I did it and there is still no mark.

So overall, nothing to worry about! Now my main concern is how well are they going to work...

I will keep you all posted!