Friday, 21 December 2012

Its Christmas!!

Firstly, appologies for such a long delay since my last post once again! 

I mentioned in my last post that I was starting to feel ill with a sore throat and cough, but I was planning to spend the weekend recouperating... Well this has turned into several weeks and I'm still not 100% better! I got really ill and slept for pretty much 3 days straight, I even had to take a day off work which is not like me at all. But I slept for my entire day off, so it was definitely the right decision. Now I am much better, but I still have a cough and I am still going through several boxes of tissues!

Anyway, since it is nearly Christmas, I thought I'd reflect on the past few months with how far I have come since my diagnosis with RA and look forward to the future.

I can honestly say that compared to two months ago, I feel like a completely different person now that I am on methotrexate. I actually feel like me again. I can run up the stairs, I can stay up past 8pm without feeling exhausted, I can even get up and ready in the morning before I have to take my meds. These all sound like small things, but it's the little things that you notice more when they are taken away from you. Like not being able to unscrew a bottle top or wear shoes that have a slight heel.

There is definitely still more improvements to be made, mainly with my index finger which is still swollen. I cant really use my index finger for anything yet, so I struggle to write or do things like squeeze shampoo out of a bottle. But I can straighten my finger now, so I guess it will just be a longer process to get back to normal.

I am down to 7.5mg of steroids now and I am hoping to reduce this to 5mg over the Christmas break.

My hopes for the new year are to get completely off steroids and to get as close to normal as possible. I would really like to get back to my normal weight and fit back into all of my clothes too. But with coming off the steroids and hopefully being able to start exercising more, this should be possible! (Fingers Crossed) I am feeling very positve about the new year. 

One thing that I want to add really quickly,

Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful 2013!

Checkup clinic, blood tests and DIY

As expected, I haven't had much spare time since getting the keys to my house so once again, apologies for the delay in my latest blog post. Jamie and I have spent every spare minute we have working on our house! We went straight round last Friday and started stripping wallpaper, only to find what was to become our worst enemy lurking underneath... Wood chip! 

For those of you who are lucky enough to not have come across wood chip paper, it's basically a cheap paper with small chips of wood within it which gives the effect of a textured wall finish. Apparently it was really fashionable in the 1970s?! Then add several layers of paint on top and you have the most difficult thing to remove from walls...Ever! Best of all, it is on every single wall!! So we have spent the past week steaming and scraping the stuff off the walls, with the help of our families. We are making progress with only a few walls left to do, but i feel like I have a scraper permanently attached to my hand!

In other news, I had my monthly check up with the Rheumatologist nurse this week. My blood test results showed that I was doing well and my inflammation was coming down, which is great. Its a relief to know that the MTX is working. It also showed that my white blood cell count is still high, so I'm constantly fighting some sort of infection, although it can't be that bad as I haven't felt particularly ill. I have been quite lucky so far with not picking up any bugs or viruses, despite having my immune system dampened by medication. However this week I was finally beaten and I now have a sore throat, sore head and annoying cough. I'm feeling pretty lousy and working on the house every spare minute probably isn't helping but I'm not one to mope in bed.

It was also blood test wednesday this week. I managed to get my best place in the queue ever, Patient 5! It was pretty lucky though to be honest because I felt like I was going to pass out if I had to wait much longer. I think it was the mix of feeling unwell and the warm hospital, but I was glad to hear my name being called. I managed to get a right whopper of a bruise this time though, I think its time to start switching arms!

I'm out for tea with the girls tomorrow for a catch up before Christmas and all my other time will either be spent working on the house or recouperating. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!