Friday, 24 May 2013

Metoject take two!

So since my last post, I have taken a break from the metoject to get rid of the bronchitis. Thankfully it has almost gone now, with only a slight cough left behind.

I decided to try again with my injections last Friday, but this time to inject into my leg to see if this would help prevent being sick. It actually hurt a lot more than my stomach, but maybe this was because I was so nervous about it this time. I also bled a little bit, which I never did with my stomach.

Despite this discomfort, I wasn't sick! I was extremely tired over the weekend and slept for most of it, but other than that, I was okay.

This morning I injected into my leg again, this time with much less pain, however when I took the needle out, a bit of the liquid from the needle came back out of my leg. A bit strange! I have emailed my nurse to make sure that this is okay. Once again, I have not been sick, which is great.

My finger was swollen and stuck in the
position in the first picture for months,
the second picture shows that I can now
bend it nearly all the way and it's much
So is it working? I would say without a doubt the injections are having a positive effect. My psoriasis is definitely reducing and my joints feel almost pain free. I feel slight discomfort in a few of my joints at times, such as my index finger if I pick up something heavy, but definitely there is a massive improvement.

Hopefully now I am on the road to recovery and I can tollerate the metoject.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Metoject Update

I have now injected myself three times, each time with little problems. Of course it hurts a bit, but after 5 minutes it is completely forgotten about and I can get on with the rest of my day.

I was so pleased to have absolutely no side effects after I injected the first time and just hoped that this time the medication would work.

I started to notice that my psoriasis was less red and noticeable. My arm didn't look completely clear by any means, but it was definitely improving. I also managed to start running again, something I wasn't sure I would ever be able to do again. These were all positive signs and I began to gain a bit of hope.

The next Friday I woke up to have no voice at all. I had been feeling a bit off for a few days, quite tired, no appetite and I had slight sinus pain, but Friday it had seemed to hit my chest all at once. Regardless, I did my injection and went to work, which happened to be at a client's premises. 

Despite the fact that I was unable to speak, I actually felt okay for the first hour or so. But at around 10am, I suddenly started to feel very nauseous and by lunch time I had to go home to be sick. I went back to work though as I didn't feel as bad after that, but the rest of the day I felt very drained.

After a few days of having no voice and feeling pretty under the weather, I went to the doctors to find out I had bronchitis. This explained why I was feeling so ill, but as it is a virus, there is no treatment for it, I just had to ride it out. 

By the next Friday I was still feeling ill, but got up and did my injection none the less. Once again, after a few hours, I was sick, but this time it kept coming. After a few times being sick in work I had to go home, I felt horrendous and slept for the rest of the day. 

I have contacted my nurse as I am concerned that it is the injections making me sick, but since both times I have been sick I have also had bronchitis, the nurse can't be sure which is causing it, or if its a mixture of them both.

So for now I have had to stop my injections until I get rid of this bronchitis. I'm hoping that will be soon as I have had it for two weeks now. Then once it's gone, if I take my injection and I am sick again, we will know that I can't tolerate them either.

I really hope not because it is such hard work trying to get started on a new medication. Fingers crossed I can take my injection next week and all will be okay!