Sunday, 29 June 2014

Time for a reduction

So since my last blog post, I had been starting to really struggle on the days that I took my MTX injection, even to the point that I was being sick several times throughout the day. My hair was tons thinner and every Friday I would go home from work, have tea and get into bed to sleep off the side effects.

For a while I thought that this is the price that I have to pay in order to have my normal body back and that I should really count myself lucky because it was MUCH better than being on crutches for months. But it got to the point where I was so ill and fed up of wasting my Fridays that I decided to get in touch with the rheumatologist.

This was at the start of May, when I was actually long overdue a 6 month review that should have taken place in March. So I phoned up to find out how much longer I would have to wait for an appointment, to be told that there was a huge backlog of at least 4 months. This would mean that I wouldn't get an appointment until July at the earliest and there was no way I could wait that long.

One of the most important things I have learnt since being diagnosed with arthritis is that you have to fight to get an appointment, if you sit and wait, you could be waiting for months (which has happened to me before). So I stressed how much I need to see a rheumatologist ASAP and managed to get appointment for a few days later as someone else has cancelled. Proof that you can't take no for an answer!

After seeing the rheumatologist, I have been given anti nausea medication for the day of injection and a lower dose of injection. I have also been given folic acid to take every day rather than once a week, which will hopefully help my hair grow thicker again.

I've had three weeks of this new medication and so far so good, I still feel a bit peaky on a Friday, but no where near as bad. Also, Im sure my hair is getting thicker, so I'm feeling much less self conscious.

Hopefully this is a sign that things are on the up!