Friday, 1 February 2013

Steroid Free

Hi everyone

So since my last post, I have decided to come off my steroids completely. They weren't doing me much good painwise and they were giving me far too many problems. I started to get a painful and bright red rash around my mouth and on my chin, I put on nearly a stone and they gave me terrible heart burn. I have been taking steroids since July, but since I was on 2.5mg before hand, I decided that I might as well just stop altogether.

Red and swollen index finger
My main concern with coming off steroids was that my foot would balloon again, like it did last time I stopped taking them. Luckily this hasnt happened! The arthiritis has got really bad in my shoulder and collar bone, I can't raise my left arm above my head without being in a lot of pain. My index finger and middle knuckle is also causing me a lot of greif at the moment too and to be honest, my pain is back pretty much everywhere. I am also beginning to get really tired again. This was all already happening before I came off the steroids though because my tnedication wasn't working, so I am not going back on them! At least now my consultant and RA nurse can see my real pain rather than it being masked with steroids. 

Swollen index finger
As for increasing my dose of Methotrexate, there has been no positive things to say yet, but I am struggling to eat because I feel so sick from it. I took my latest dose on Wednesday and have felt constantly sick since. Im hoping that the Folic Acid I need to take tomorrow will do it's job and get rid of the nausea.

Hopefully, my next post will be something positive to report on! 

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